Paid Employment

Goals 2017

One of the goals which we set for ourselves in 2017 was to commence a programme whereby a number of our residents could engage in meaningful employment.

We are delighted that so far, this year there are 12 residents whom we have supported to obtain gainful employment for a fair rate of pay. The types of employment include hotel, supermarket, pubs etc.

We are very grateful to the various employers who have provided our residents with these job opportunities.




Siobhan Toner tells us about her new jobs! 

We are delighted to highlight the great success of our resident Siobhan Toner, who earlier this year  began to climb up the ladder of employment.

Siobhan commenced employment in early June 2017 in Clarkes Fruit Farm for 2 hours a week in the shop. This was a fantastic learning curve for Siobhan.  However, with the season ending in September, Siobhan was able to search for a new positon and she quickly secured a job in Centra, Stamullen, every Wednesday for one hour. Siobhan has settled very well into the new job – she is very confident in her role there, and is always very busy and productive during her shift.  Siobhan is responsible for re-stocking the shelves and managing the stock in her area and Siobhan receives staff support to assist her with her job.


Following this success a position in the City North Hotel opened up for a waiting staff. Siobhan was successful in this new position also.  Her job in City North is every Thursday for 2 hours. Siobhan is settling in very well at the City North as a waitress since she commenced the position and each week Siobhan has been given a new task to do.  With staff support Siobhan continues to have no issues carrying out her duties allocated to her. Some of her duties so far included setting tables for breakfast, setting a room for high tea, and she helped serve the Tonga Rugby Team their breakfast!  Each week there are new and interesting jobs given to Siobhan which she absolutely takes in her stride. You can see her confidence each week growing.