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Education, Socialising and Community Integration

Community Integration

A wide range of social activities is available for residents to participate in as part of the wider community, specific to the resident/s individual needs


Skills Development and Education

Activities of daily living skills in areas of personal care, domestic and household management is included as part of residents development skills.

Residents are also supported to learn the skills required to achieve life goals, manage change and strategies to cope with concerns and stressful situations.

Educational opportunities are also provided to residents to assist them to develop literacy and numeracy skills, digital skills, understanding of money and values.


Supported Employment

To maximise supported employment opportunities for residents, the Talbot Group employs an Employment Officer to actively seek opportunities of interest to our residents for paid employment in the open labour market. When residents take up employment they are supported by job coaches from within our service.

The hours of employment will vary in accordance with residents’ wishes and employers agreement. Currently seventeen of our residents are gainfully employed in local businesses which include hospitality,  retail and industry. This is a great learning opportunity and major achievement for our residents in terms of their participation in the workforce, gaining independence and developing life skills. This is an expanding feature of our service and all residents who have an interest in employment will be supported to achieve this goal. The Talbot Group acknowledges with gratitude the opportunity that the participating employers offer to our residents.