Autism Services

What is Autism?

meadowview4The world Health Organisation describes Autism, (also referred to as ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders’), as a group of complex, brain development disorders. These disorders are characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication and a restricted and repetitive repertoire of interests and activities. The symptoms and characteristics of autism can present themselves in a wide variety of combinations and can range from mild to severe. Two people with the same diagnosis can both be very different from one another and have varying skills, each with their own specific needs.

To follow through on our mission of “Empowering and Supporting Residents to be as independent as possible and to live meaningful and fulfilling lives”. – our services are planned and organised on an individual basis around the resident and tailored to his or her specific needs.
The person-centred care plan and the individual goals contained within it are developed and continuously reviewed through a collaborative process between the resident and the service. The resident is supported by staff in order to ensure the plan is clear, easily understood and has goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-oriented. The resident’s goals are also broken down into smaller steps, helping to ensure that they can make progress at an appropriate pace and to enable any adjustments to be made to the plan when required.

Our services are planned and organised in such a way that each resident is enabled and supported to be as independent as possible and encouraged to participate in typical daily activities of life such as cooking and baking, tidying cleaning, doing laundry, and shopping for food and clothes.

In addition, a wide range of activities is made available to each of the residents to participate in as part of the wider community or as part of tailor-made activities developed by our Links and Activities coordinators. These activities include football, golf, aqua aerobics, pottery, art, baking, computers and horticulture.

Each of our community houses and houses on our Stamullen site have appropriate transport facilities available to them. In the interest of the safety of our residents and staff our transport manager ensures that our vehicles are maintained appropriately and that each driver has successfully completed a specialist driver training programme. The residents are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of community life whether going on trips to town, engaging in community activities, shopping for clothes or groceries, or going on nights out.