Resident Services

Nursing Home Services Ireland

Dining Experience & Nutrition

Our catering service operates under the HACCP Quality Assurance standards. We know that a variety of tasty and nutritious food is very important to our residents. Our menus are developed by our very experienced Catering Manager and Chefs in consultation with our residents and Consultant Nutritionist/Dietician to ensure residents’ personal preferences and tastes are provided for and that all meals are appetising and nutritious. Special dietary requirements and preferences are catered for at all times and our catering manager is available on request to meet personally with each resident to establish what foods they like best.

Residents Committee

There is an active Residents Committee in the Nursing Home, family members are also facilitated to participate. The Committee is encouraged and supported to be independent of nursing home staff however staff actively support the committee when requested. Managers also attend on invitation to discuss matters of interest to the residents.


An advocacy service is available for residents. The service is provided by SAGE. The advocacy officer ensures the independence of the service which is provided by volunteers.

Residents Views

To ensure all residents have a meaningful role in how the services in Talbot Lodge are organised and delivered, in addition to the Residents Committee and Advocacy Service, Residents are invited to complete satisfaction surveys in relation to the care and services provided in the Nursing Home. Feedback from the surveys is used to keep the quality of the service under review.


For the convenience of Residents and their families we offer a laundry service free of charge to residents should they wish to avail of it.

Hairdressing & Beauty Care

We have a hairdresser who visits the Nursing Home every Tuesday and Thursday should any of our residents choose to have their hair done. Hand and nail care are also provided.