The Hub

The Hub is the second centre in the village of Duleek opened by the Talbot Group that delivers day services. The Hub caters for adults over 18 years of age with intellectual disabilities. The building is located in the centre of the village, beside shops, café’s, library etc…

The focus of the HUB is active citizenship and personal and social development; we follow the guidance of New Directions 2012 to ensure each member enjoys a person centred individualised plan.

Activities in the Hub include:

  • Tidy Towns
  • Media Lab
  • Swimming and Gym via public transport
  • Occasional lunch trips to Drogheda and Duleek
  • N.A.L.A Literacy and Numeracy courses
  • Day Trips i.e. Tayto Park, Shopping etc…
  • Promote Healthy Eating and support members to make their own lunch every day
  • Independent trips into the village to café, beauticians, hairdressers etc…
  • Choice and confidence sessions
  • Money management sessions
  • Project work chosen topics
  • Personal Hygiene sessions
  • Health and Safety sessions
  • Weekly key working sessions

Members are empowered and supported to be as independent as possible; community integration playing a key role in this. To prepare for this, members take part in internal sessions in the centre such as money management, money value, health and safety and community living in addition to many others.

Links to community organisations, such as the Duleek Tidy Towns Committee play a very important role for the personal development of the member. By accessing and working in the community, members are fulfilling valued roles and making positive contributions to their local areas.