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Quality Regulation and Accreditation

At the Talbot Group we take quality and safety very seriously. We have embraced a programme of continuous improvement to ensure that we deliver a quality service that offers the best care and support to our residents and service users. We are continuously researching best practices and new and innovative ways of doing things which will deliver better quality care and outcomes.



Our services are regulated by the Health, Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) and are regularly inspected. We value the role of HIQA in setting the standards for quality throughout disability services.

In addition to HIQA inspections, we carry out our own internal quality audits on a systematic basis in order to continuously test and assess our performance against the standards required.




We have a robust governance structure in place which provides clear lines of accountability and appropriate oversight. Our governance arrangements are kept under active review and revised as required as part of our programme of continuous quality improvement.

Our governance arrangements include the total systems, processes and management arrangements which are in place to ensure the effective and safe running of our services.



Our Goal is to maximise the Quality of the care and support which we provide to our residents who have autism and to develop their independence.

Our autism-specific service at Meadowview Bungalows in Stamullen has been accredited by the National Autistic Society UK (NAS) who are the leading UK charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. Achieving accreditation can improve the quality of care for people with autism by:

  • Providing a unified standard of excellence in both policy and practice
  • Presenting a systematic framework for continuous self-examination and development
  • Giving guidance and support to the services who use the programme so that they can meet the established criteria required for accredited status


Meadowview Bungalows 1 and 2 are currently one of only two centres in Ireland with this accreditation