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Student Placement

In addition to recruiting full and part time jobs we also provide the opportunity to students to avail of clinical placements.

Fetac Level 5 (Healthcare Management) Students

We have developed strong links with local educational institutes to support students pursuing Fetac Level 5 programmes to build skills and understanding of ID services through our student placement programme.  Students can complete their work placement requirements in an environment where they are supported and guided by our nursing and professional teams to best practice standards. 

Social Care Students

We have developed relationships with 3rd level colleges providing programmes in social care studies to recruit talented people to build community services.  We are focussed on student placements for these students to allow them gain insight into services, as they continue to transition to a strong community living focus.


The Nursing Department recognises the importance of supporting student learning as well as the value that student input brings to the residents and the service.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our MDT provides students from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with opportunities to complete student placements within our services. Students are enabled to understand the complexity of services and residents needs against the backdrop of their particular academic understanding and insight.