Our Services

Our services are provided in line with our Vision, Mission, and Values. Our goal is to support each person to live a meaningful life with the highest degree of independence.

Acquired Brian Injury

The Talbot Group provides a specialist residential service for people who have an acquired brain injury (ABI).

Talbot Group’s ABI service has a dedicated team which includes nursing who provide support and rehabilitation at home and in the community. The team promotes and encourages independent living skills for residents with an ABI.

Specific ABI goal planning, supported by the Multidisciplinary Team, is carried out in line with a Rehabilitation model of practice to enhance skills and develop potential. In line with their preferences and wishes. Quality-of-life based outcome measures the overall quality-of-life for a resident with an ABI.

The service meets the needs of individuals who are looking for an appropriate community placement. Not only to improve their overall quality-of-life through meaningful daily living support but also to realise their long-term neuropsychological rehab potential.

At the Talbot Group we care about our service users and value our staff. We ensure our staff are trained to the highest standard so that we can
achieve the best outcome for our service users and residents. If you would like further information about any of our services.