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Person Centred Service

Our services are centred around the person and his or her needs. To meet those needs and to offer the most appropriate supports, we have a team of highly-skilled and professional staff who are committed to providing the best quality service possible, to each resident. Each resident who accesses our services has a person-centred care plan in place. This plan is developed in collaboration with the person and is designed to ensure that the person is at the centre of all decision making and planning.

Our trained and skilled staff are dedicated to supporting each of our residents to live the life that they want in a safe, caring, homely and supportive environment. Across all our services we provide opportunities for people to shape their own lives, to access their full rights as citizens, and to be appropriately supported to help them experience the best quality of life possible.

Pathway Of Care

As part of the process, a pathway of care is developed with each resident led by our Head of Psychology.

The supports, services and specific pathway are tailored to the residents needs and goals. Through this process individuals take on more autonomy and the team supports them to develop the life skills required to live a more independent life.