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Day Service

Talbot Group day service has expanded to a new model of day service in line with the principles of New Directions - Personal Support Services for Adults with Disabilities. This involves individualised services that offer meaningful life experience by active participation in the local community through involvement in local organisations and supported employment. To facilitate service users to achieve their potential service users are empowered through skill building and establishing individualised goals to maximise educational and recreational opportunities.  

The ELMS is a day service for adults 18 years and upwards with a primary Intellectual Disability ranging from mild to profound and caters for those who have both intellectual and physical disabilities. The service is located in Duleek, Co Meath.

The Hub

The Hub provides development training and day service for adults 18 years and upwards.  In the Hub service users develop the skills for active engagement in community based organisations and activities. The centre is located in Duleek, Co Meath.

The service users attend local training opportunities and are assisted by staff to learn skills that equip them for, personal awareness, health & wellbeing awareness, participating in the local community and educational opportunities that promote the development of creativity, independence, personal responsibility, money management and relationship building. Service users are also supported to register as volunteers and are afforded opportunities to act as volunteers with local businesses and charities.